Lets stick it to those folks on welfare one more time – UPDATED


A friend and really decent man posted on Facebook something that floored me.

Here’s what he reacted to which was posted on Facebook”“New Brunswick is the first province that will require drug testing when applying for welfare (effective July 1st)! Some people are crying this is unconstitutional. How is this unconstitutional?? “

Bill responded this way

“First of all, the idea that people should have to pass a drug test to qualify for welfare is ridiculous. Is the system abused? At times. Show me one system in our society that’s not. I suspect more six figure business people are guilty of tax evasion or fraud. And also, maybe this didn’t originate in this province but I don’t know anyone who works and has to pass a drug test. Where are they getting this every working person shit? While we’re at it why don’t we stop giving healthcare to people who smoke? And there are people who have posted this on my own friends list who work and wouldn’t pass a drug test to save their lives. Not only that, there’s people on my friends list who are guilty of all sorts of shit and yet sit on their pedestal and post bullshit like this.

What really pisses me off is that there are very few people who post things such as this that actually know what they’re talking about.  They see a chance to save a buck and they jump on it without any serious consideration.  Rather than cut off the life line for people who struggle with addictions why don’t we focus on fixing the problem?  What do you think will happen when they no longer have the money to eat or live?  Crime goes up and every precious penny you saved (not really because drug testing is not cheap) is going to house them in jail or put more police in place to deal with the crime.  In all honestly, this idiotic plan would likely cost tax payers more money in the long run anyway.

I’m not against checks and balances but let’s not just target those who are desperate.  Let’s start at the top of the food chain and work our way down.”

My opinion is this – it’s easy to pontificate from the middle class or wealthy safety of our collective perch, but I work with people at the bottom of the food chain every day and I have to say that almost all of them would do anything to get of welfare. Here in Ontario it’s hard enough – see my post on this –  but now there is a rumor the government of New Brunswick has added drug testing for those on welfare as of July 1st. Happy Canada Day!

These were some of the comments on Bills Post:

  • Sometimes you just have to hit rock bottom. As long as those that are on welfare using their money for drugs, all we are doing is enabling them. There are lots of people out there that have to pass drug tests for their jobs. Anyone who w…See More
    15 minutes ago ·
  •  I’m in law enforcement and I’m not tested. Are teachers tested before they teach children? How about daycare providers? Should we drug test everyone who wants a student loan from our government? I don’t want a few bucks in student loan money to go to someones drug habit.
    11 minutes ago ·
  • All I read was people who smoke shouldn’t get health care, which I agree with
    10 minutes ago ·
  • This is in reference to welfare and welfare only. Im yet to see legit reasons why anyone is on welfare for more than a few months its intended to help ppl get back on their feet, its not meant to be lived on for their lively hoods.
    9 minutes ago ·
  • Dont say its lack of jobs, I have nothing more than high school. I was fired from a job, and within 2 weeks i had a job, and most of that time I was not even trying, I could have probably started sooner.
  •  out here, most people are drug tested for jobs…why not test those who want a free handout. If you need welfare, you shouldn’t be buying drugs with it. If you’re an addict, tough.
    6 minutes ago ·
  • The point is it shouldn’t be in reference to welfare only. It’s saying that the way welfare is used is abused. I’m saying that we should not just be targeting those on welfare. There’s lots of places where we waste money in our society. It’s wrong to target one specific group of people.
    6 minutes ago ·
  •  drug test everyone!
  • Its hard to get ‘back on your feet’ when the government requires you to use up all of your entire savings and sell all of your assests before they will even give you money. Imagine, getting the BARE minimum where you can’t even afford half of what other people see as necessities. People who do get a job on top of their welfare, get that money taken away. How does this help someone get out of the hole?
  • I agree, drug test everyone. Great idea but once you do that you’ve no longer saved a dime. So what was the point?
  • I will piss in a cup…… Done. who wants to test it.

    4 minutes ago ·
  • those deserving get, those who don’t don’t…

    4 minutes ago ·
  • Plain and simple, everyone should be free to do what they please. There are always people who will abuse something, there is no way to have complete control (ask parents, they try to do that daily with their teens). But just because a few people abuse something – doesn’t mean that everyone should be affected.

    4 minutes ago ·
  •  if people are using the system properly…then a drug test shouldn’t bother them. Only people abusing the system are pissed, cuz the free drugs are over…

    3 minutes ago ·
  •  well anyone who legitimacy uses welfare should have no problem with being tested.

    3 minutes ago ·
  •  If I was poor and living the way people have to when receiving social assistance…I’d probably want to be DRUNK off my ass every day.

    3 minutes ago ·
  • And the idea of someone who is an addict doesn’t deserve help is exactly the kind of ignorant thinking that ought to scare the shit out of most Canadians.

    3 minutes ago.
  •  help the addict, don’t give them money to buy drugs3 minutes ago ·
  •  Every resolution to the problems, its the ones who abuse who make a stink about it. They tried food stamps ppl just sold them. Should we make the recipients provide and itemized statement of where they spent their money?

    2 minutes ago ·
  • it’s a stupid ignorant and back ass idea. I know 100’s of people who for what ever reason are on welfare. It’s easy to say “get a job” or I did this or I did that but the fact is once your on welfare, something I am fortunate enough to have never experenced, its incredilby hard to get off. they don’t allow you to have more than $1000 IN assets, you have to show your bank records, your hydro bill, and liquidate rrsps. Learn something about this before you jump in and try treating people like they’re people and not an annoyance that you can pontificate on.
    I can’t begin to tell you how sickening it is to see people piling on because they think that “those welfare types need to be put in their place.” or ” Well if they had nothing to fear what’s the problem?” THE PROBLEM IS IS THAT IT’S DEGRADING AND INHUMANE TO TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THEY’RE A PROBLEM!
    Here’s a story I heard – man gets caught stealing something. He’s in a wheelchair and he’s there cause he has flesh-eating disease from injection drug use and he’s gotta steal some stuff because:
    1. The pain medication he’s on can’t be taken with the methadone which he was using to fight his addiction.
    2. His Doctor is away on vacation and forgot to refill his prescription.
    3. He needs something to kill the pain he’s in both mentally and physically.
    4. It’s the weekend and he’s got no access to his worker.
    So he gets arrested for theft and the result is that he’s humiliated, he’s in pain. and it cost us a fortune in police, jail,  and medical attention rather than funding the care that he needs without pre conditions. We need to be making sure that he has everything he needs to get his life back to where he wants it to be. You think he wants to be an addict? You think people want to be on welfare and have to justify everything you spend?
    What happened to the idea that we are our brothers and sisters keepers because we want them to be our keepers and care givers when we need it.

4 thoughts on “Lets stick it to those folks on welfare one more time – UPDATED

  1. Canadian forces personnel are drug tested, sometimes a “random” testing, such as a whole unit or regiment, where names are not recorded, unless you screw up your sample and have to retest, in which they take ALL your info…pers who are deploying to combat zones, or any deployed operation, domestic or international, are all drug tested, and if it comes back positive, they don’t deploy…and lose thousands in potential hardship allowances…

  2. I guess what a lot of you are saying is only the perfect people should get assistance. Now think – why would they need it? They are perfect. They can work, they have no addictions.

    Lots of people have disorders and addictions whether its food, alcohol, drugs or sports – when you get right down to it why should we spend millions every year to save skiers or snowmobilers on the mountains when we didnt send them out there to do what they do – they chose to do those things of their own free will then they fall or start an avalanche and boom a helicopter has to go get them. Or search parties search for them for days or weeks sometimes. Same with rich people who fly their own planes then go down. Why should we feed immigrants?

    We are given free will when we are born and a lot of the choices that follow us for life are chosen as children.

    Well, I’ll tell you all why we look after those less fortunate and I am a tax payer. We do it because we are human and they are human and its the sane and humane thing to do.

    You never know who you are taking care of – could be the parent or grandparent of the next Prime Minister or Brain Surgeon. Or maybe its the little boy who grows up and finds the cure for cancer.

  3. Why are we paying for people to take drugs? why are we paying for people to get drunk? Personally i hope they start drug testing all people on social assistance here in Alberta, every working person I know has had to take a drug test to be able to pay for social assistance so why should the people needing social assistance not have to go through the same thing as the person footing the bill? In my personal opinion, some one on welfare can not afford to do drugs, the drugs are probably the reason they are on welfare. There are tons options for people with addictions to get help, many are also paid for by tax payers like you and me.

    In my personal experiences welfare has been abused by the majority of people on it, its so much easier to get a check from the government and get high, than it is to go to work every day and buy your own drugs. so let the government test people on welfare, set an example that our government will not support the drug habits of the unfortunate, and perhaps the unfortunate will take the hint and better their lives.

  4. WOW! First, people are ignorant!!! The MAJORITY of people on welfare do NOT abuse the system. In fact, years ago when Mike Harris made the distinction between the “deserving” poor and the “undeserving” poor, research showed that LESS THAN 1% of the people on welfare had abused the system! I bet more people who read this will have cheated the government themselves…How many of you have ever been paid under the table???

    Second, until everyone else has to submit to drug (and alcohol!) tests to get equal access to government services (i.e. health care?), we cannot FURTHER discriminate against the poor.

    Third, I am very happy for those of you who have lost a job only to quickly find another, but for people in very rural areas, a lay-off can be disastorous. There literally may not be anywhere else to apply for a job. “So move,” you say. How can you pack up your family and move when you have no where to go, no car to get there in, and no money to finance it? Be extremely grateful for the blessings you have experienced because for many, that’s not their story.

    Fourth, pride comes before a fall. Nothing is ever certain. In this economy, security is a pipe dream. I hope that you never have to experience something that could potentially be as humbling and even humiliating as having to go on social assistance. But should that day ever come, you will be amazed at how much your perception changes.

    We diligently raise millions of dollars year after year, in the name of fighting cancer. Supposedly it goes to research, but there have been several news stories that suggest that promising research is not being funded because drug companies are afraid they’ll lose money. And yet, they continue to collect millions each year.

    The poor are right in front of you. They need our help. And every single one of them has a story, stories that would break your heart. Some may never land on their feet again, but some will rebound and rebuild their lives and we will have helped them do that. Treat others the way you would want to be treated if you ever ended up in their shoes.

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