Just Sayin

Maybe it’s time to say goodnight? Maybe it’s easier to turn off the lights and to not fight for     things anymore? Maybe I’m tired and I don’t see a lot of others out there trying to make a difference in the world or even the communities where they live. Maybe I’m tired of seeing the same people in the room trying to change things so they get better. Maybe I feel powerless in the face of all these overwhelming issues. Maybe I’m tired of quoting stats and telling stories of people who are suffering and the world not changing to help them.

But where are you? Where are you? Are you feeling powerless in the face of all this as well? Do you not Do you care?know what to do or even where to start?  Did you even know that there was an issue? Did you know that there are a bunch of issues? Do you care? Because on many days I feel you don’t. On many days I feel like you’re just tuning us out. On many days I think you care more about being distracted and doing your own thing than trying to help and we really need your help. We need it so badly.

Recently and was walking to meet a friend and thinking about some of these big issues, you know the ones, and I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and just looked and I thought do any of you care? I had this impulse from deep in my guts that started to build, that started to go through me and up to my mouth which had to forcibly keep shut to stop from screaming “Why don’t you care?”

I know you’re busy, really I do, I know you’re trying to make ends meet and that you have problems of your own and that work is hard and that you’re tired too. I know that. I really, really do. But everyone feels that way. So many of us feel that way these days.

Or maybe you feel that it’s not your problem. Maybe you feel that you gave at the office or that these people need to get a job or it’s all in their heads or that they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps or that their human debris and not worth your time.

It could be for any of these reasons or none of them. But in the end you’re not showing up, you’re not there when we need you, your nowhere in sight. Not at the ballot box when it’s time to vote, not at the meetings when we talk about poverty, not in the neighbourhood to help that person with a mental illness, not at the shelter when someone needs a place to sleep, not at city hall to demand that they start listening to everyone and not just a few, not at the plant that just got shut down. YOUR NOT THERE AD I’M TIRED AND SO ARE MT FRIENDS AND WE NEED YOUR HELP.

We need it because soon, not tomorrow or even next year, but soon it may become pointless because nothing can be done. That we’ll have no voice at the ballot box, that more people than not will be poor, that people with mental illness will all be on the street, that the environment will tank, and that it will become a long dark winter of no power and endlessly distracting ourselves so we don’t feel the loss.

Most of the people who read this first will be people who are trying to do something but maybe they’ll send it on to the people they know who aren’t doing something or don’t know how to help. It’s you I’m trying to reach here. It’s you who I’m talking to. Maybe you’re at university or maybe you work in a corporation or maybe you’re a tradespersons or maybe you’re a banker or a housewife, a painter, on welfare, or an artist but we need you to show up and give help and give input.  Email me if you want to know where or how at sqedmonton@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Just Sayin

  1. I care and do my little bit as best as I can although I’m not always sure what I can do. I did give my little donation to the “Occupy movement” I think you should write further and tell people the where and how and maybe some will listen

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