On 20 years of Marriage to Heather Karen Bishop

2014-09-02 23.08.00

from our wedding cake 20 years ago

So how do i even begin to communicate this? Where are the words that could possible express how I feel? Where is the clarity and perfect cadence so that everyone can understand how much this means to me? And how do i even begin to touch even the very surface of my gratitude for everything you have done. For the joy you have brought to my life.

You have laughed with me and played with me and listened to me rant and seen me at by very best and my very worst and still you are here. You brought our child n to the world and like a heroine out of a story ,and ploughed a path through seemingly impassably deep snow, so that she could walk forward in the light to create her own path.

You have led our community in understanding the hurdles some of us face , have given selflessly of your time to so many causes and events, have made small gifts for friends when they were low, and have raised a glass to celebrate our collective victories.

There are not enough words in the english language, in any language, to express powerfully enough what a honour it has been to be married to you these last 20 years. Not 1, or 3, or 5, or 7, but for 20 years i have been enraptured by your beauty, bedazzled by your wit, enfolded in your care, and have been deeply humbled that you would be willing to build a life with me. Build a life for her. Build a life for us.

So after the bumps and bruises, the struggle and the woe, the laughing in the face of disaster, the joy of seeing our daughter become who she brilliantly is, of riding together up and down and around and through our life so far, I cannot say with enough conviction, with enough meaning, with enough voice, with enough words, with enough meaning, how deeply i love you. How deeply and completely I love you. How deeply and completely and utterly I love you.

But I do….


i love you like Joanie Loves Chachi

Fonzie loves Pinky Tuscadero

and Wesley loves Butter Cup


I love you like a ice water on a hot hot day

like a whisper in a thunder storm

like a road trip with the music full blast


I love you like a sunday nap

like the sun on my face

and like the quiet after midnight



I love you like ice cream in winter

like coffee in the morning

like a warm bed on a cold night


I love you more than green loves rain

than air fills my lungs

than laughter after pain


I love you more than snow on Christmas Eve

giggling after a 3rd drink

holding hands in the dark

and an ovation after the show


I love you when there’s no one else

when you feel all alone

when you cry when lost

and when your feel it’s all too much


I love you when your young and bright

when you finally get old and worn

when my last breath stops

and when the universe finally spins to a stop


I love you like…..

i love you more than….

I love you when….

I love you

1 thought on “On 20 years of Marriage to Heather Karen Bishop

  1. Very eloquently said luv and congrats to you both on the mile stone. I’m so happy and grateful that you have such love in your life. Mom

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