Hitlers Li’l Abomination – A Review for Theatre in London

Annette Roman, playwright and performer of Hitlers Li’l Abomination, brings to the fringe this new play based upon her life and experiences on her fathers survival of the Holocaust and his marriage to her mother, a former Nazi youth. Annette tries to share with us, through snippets of her life life with her family, the story of her relationships with, and understanding of her family.

Annette shows skill in the characterizations and manages a few laughs for the audience but in the end this is a play in search of a clear plot. The ideas are there but they fail to come to the surface and in the end we leave not really understanding what we just saw which is too bad because I left wanting to understand her story better.

But in the end we are left with an unsatisfying tale, told in an unclear way, by someone who obviously has the ability to take the audience along with her , and with a better script and direction, to a more satisfying show. But this is the fringe after all and that is the point. Artists come from all over the planet to our city and try their work out. Sometime it works and sometimes, as in the case of Hitlers Li’l Abomination, it doesn’t.

Sean Quigley
Reviewing for Theatre in London

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