Zach Zultana: Space Gigolo – A Review for Theatre in London

Zach Zultana: Space Gigolo is like every great action movie. An everyman, in this case set in space at a mining colony, finds himself in a series of increasingly not everyday situations, until he is faced with taking on a giant corporations, defeating the evil billionaire, and winning the girl. Even though this is live theatre and not a move this play, done with some serious skill, a great sense of fun, and great acting and writing , becomes a hugely fun romp and a must see for this fringe.

The actor, Jeff Leard, pulls off a one man, full on, blockbuster movie in under an hour and we can’t help but cheer him in as he does. When the play requires that we see a series of epic , yet somehow standard, movie shots jeff jumps out of character and describes them and we, the delighted audience , easily see them.

The pace is frenetic, the writing is clever, and the actor is completely in his element in this full tilt boogie of a play. See this play! and you’ll laugh and cheer as Zach Sultana: Space Gigolo, wins it all.

Sean Quigley
Reviewing for Theatre in London

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