Ontario The Selfish


So the morning after the night before and all I feel..…well what I feel is complicated. Ontario took the time to think it through and then choose Doug Ford and a Progressive Conservative Majority Government. I am not mad at Mr.Ford for his campaign. He took the time to judge what Ontarian’s were really about and what they really wanted and then ran a campaign that shot him to a convincing majority win. No Mr.Ford and team played this election brilliantly.

But my fellow Ontarian’s? What does this election say about us as a province? Well I think it is absolutely clear. What this election says about the majority of Ontarian’s who cast a ballot and elected Mr.Ford is that we are selfish, inward looking, and spiteful. Ontario the small minded . Ontario the indifferent. Ontario the Province of “it’s all about me!”

Ontario elected a Premiere who will hack the funding for the services for the most vulnerable amongst us. Claw back funding for the homeless, the addicted, those with a mental illness, those with a physical disability, and those in precarious work. The majority of Ontario’s would rather elect a leader and look past the very serious questions about his suitability for the Office and focus on the tax cuts, what they will get, and throwing a tantrum over the Liberals. Because in Ontario it’s all about me.

Now some might say “ we needed to do this to kick start our economy!”  Ontario’s economy s the strongest n the G7 and even stronger than California’s,. So nope – that’s a lie. “We have to help the average Ontarian that’s why we needed to elect the Conservatives! “. Well no that can’t possible be true since the majority of employment in Ontario are those who work in the service industry and are precariously employed. Mr.Ford has said he doesn’t support minimum wage increases so – thats a lie as well. Someone might say “Our taxes are too high and the average person can’t get by so we need a PC government.” Well the “average person” will see a tax decrease of $18 dollars and for that $18 your going to have to stand there and watch as Mr.Ford cuts 6 billion dollars from government services , and when that happens it’s always the most vulnerable that feel that effects . So enjoy your $18 – but that’s a lie. And there’s always the old chestnut “we have a huge deficit and we need to get our finances under control”. Well let me tell you that I have yet to find a single example of a Canadian or G7 conservative government that “got it’s finances under control”. So nope – that’s a lie.

No this election was a temper tantrum over Kathleen Wynne who was either a radical lesbian lefty or was selling our public assets down the river in a right wing power move. When Ontario had the choice they don’t go for the other progressive candidate. No, Ontario chose to be selfish and grab that $18 dollars over the needs of the most vulnerable all while stamping their feet to punish the liberals. So we are Ontario the small minded. Ontario the indifferent. Ontario the selfish.