Ratlrcast – Episode 4 – Stuart Clark

Episode 4 – The Ratlrcast Stuart Clark

Stuart is a 40 something LAN and TSM Administrator for one of the larger insurance groups in the world. His other ventures also include photography and consulting services for individuals and small businesses. Stuart is passionate about citizen engagement particularly in local government and open data. He also does work at The Unlab . We talk his early influences, the power of flight, community engagement, and his about his secret work for NASA Stuart also does a dramtic reading. You can follow Stuart on twitter @stuartclark or visit his website : http://stuartclark.ca/ Join me for more interviews at http://www.cageratlr.com

Ratlrcast – Episode 2: Kevin Van Lierop


Today I interview Kevin Van Lierop  – Energizer at Emerging Leaders London Community Network/ Podcamplondon 2011/Social Media Documentarian at LOLAfest/ and Owner & Photographer at MugShot Lounge,

Born and raised in London, Kevin has been ‘schooled’ in a combination of disciplines which he has found a unique way to combine into a love and passion for the places he calls home. From heritage studies, to urban planning and education, Kevin has a strong connection to both the University of Western Ontario (King’s University College) and Fanshawe College.

Prior to coming on board with Emerging Leaders London as it’s Community Energizer, Kevin worked both as a Research Associate and Faculty Member at the  University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College, respectively. In addition and more recently, Kevin started his own business dedicated to creating unique, relaxed and engaging photographic experiences at events across the region; you may have heard of it, it’s called the MugShot Lounge (www.mugshotlounge.com).

We talk about Emerging Leaders London, Battledecks/Teleportation and Time travel and about his vision of London Ontario – also Kevin does a dramatic reading. You can follow Kevin on twitter @kvl or visit his website : http://www.kevinvanlierop.com

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Ratlrcast – Episode 1: Titus Ferguson

Episode 1 – The Ratlrcast – Titus Ferguson

Today I interview Titus Ferguson of rtraction/The Unlab/ and Podcamplondon 2011.

Titus is an active leader in new and social media field in London Ontario. He has been the Director of New Media at the Lola festival, Co-founder of Unlondon and Co-founder of the Geek Dinners. Titus can be found on Twitter @titusferguson or his website http://titusferguson.com

We talk about Podcamp London 2011, the Unlab, and about the future of new media in London Ontario – also Titus sings for me.

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