I lift my cup

I lift my cup to those I fought with and those i loved
those I embraced and those who extended their hand
those that argued and those that comforted 
those that are here and those that are gone
I lift my cup to you
To those that don’t like me, don’t know me, don’t care what I have to say.
To the well meaning and the well intentioned
To the people who try and the people who don’t
I lift my cup to the whole of the everyone whose path i crossed
To the outspoken and the quiet, the exuberant and the reserved,
The careful and and the bold and the those who do what they say
To the intuitive, the logical, the arrogant, and the humble.
 to those who make service their life and to those who’s life is their service
To the beginning and the end, to the middle and the sides , the ups and the downs,
to the hopeful and sad
I lift my cup to you
To the pundit and plodder, the witty and the wicked, those on the sidelines and in the thick of it, 
To the simple and the complex, the shy and the subtle, the naysayer and the cheerleader I lift my cup to you.
So here’s to you on the changing of the year while I hum a little Auld Lang Syne while we count down the last of the hours, minutes, seconds and all shout Happy New Year and in the infant moments of the next year I lift my cup to you all until there is but a dribble left in the bottom
and then I lift my cup again

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